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 rules for chat box

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PostSubject: rules for chat box   Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:17 pm

here are the rules for chat box:the rules are threataning,no peer preasure,no racesism,no sex talk,no talking about innapropriate parts of the body, no swearing and respect each other.if i find that the rules are bieng broken i will ban that user from chat box.same with posting in categoryforums.if some one braeks these rules 2 times i will temporarely deactivate your acaount.if some one breaks the rules more than 5 times i will perminantly disable your acount and ban your email and ip adress from this website also meaning you will never be able to come back to this website EVER AGAIN!!!!! and i dont think anyone wants that to not trying to be mean just fowllow these rules.i dont want to have to get rid of any of my users Exclamation
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rules for chat box
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